SweetBlue Library


iDevices Android™ Bluetooth® Smart Library

SweetBlue Professional License

Lifetime: $3,495 and Yearly: $1,295. SweetBlue is a digital download. Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email with a link to download SweetBlue.



First-Class Support

Combine the power of SweetBlue with the support of our in-house team of experts to advance your development. You'll have direct support from the developers of SweetBlue with priority responses and bug-fixing.

Priority Response

Report any BLE issues you discover with new or uncommon handsets and Android OS versions and our development team will be sure to address it quickly.

Suggest New Features

Our App Development team will take your input for new SweetBlue features and prioritize them at the top of the upgrade list.

Commercial Use

Access SweetBlue for one commercial application and ensure an optimal experience for your users.

Full List of SweetBlue Features:

  • Includes SweetBlueRx, a module which wraps the SweetBlue library in RxJava classes
  • SweetUnit, a module for unit testing your application using SweetBlue
  • Bluetooth 5 support (high speed, and long range 2x & 4x)
  • Refactored for less ambiguity and easier implementation
  • Thorough online documentation located at https://sweetblue.io/docs
  • Full Javadoc available at https://api.sweetblue.io
  • Full source code to the SweetBlue Toolbox (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.idevicesinc.sweetblue.toolbox.v3)
  • Forum for support, and shared knowledge located at https://forum.sweetblue.io
  • Sample applications
  • Java with zero API-level dependencies
  • Rich, queryable state tracking for simple UI integration
  • Automatic service discovery.
  • Built-in polling and caching for RSSI and characteristic reads with change tracking to simulate notifications.
  • Highly configurable scanning with continuous mode, min/max time limits, periodic bursts, advanced filtering, and more
  • Transactions for easily coordinating authentication handshakes, initialization, and firmware updates
  • Undiscovery based on last time seen
  • Clean leakage of underlying native stack objects in case of emergency
  • Internal priority job queue that ensures serialization of all operations¬†
  • Optimal coordination of the BLE stack when connected to multiple devices
  • Detection, and correction of dozens of BLE failure conditions
  • Numerous manufacturer-specific workarounds
  • Transparent retries for transient failure conditions
  • Distills dozens of lines of boilerplate, booby-trapped, native API usages into single method calls
  • Transparently falls back to Bluetooth Classic for certain BLE failure conditions
  • On-the-fly configurable reconnection loops started automatically when random disconnects occur
  • One convenient method to completely unwind and reset the Bluetooth stack
  • Verbose logging, runtime analytics, and detailed warning and error reporting.